Title: A Journey Through Time: Exploring 1910 Fashions for Women


Fashion has always been a reflection of the society and culture of its time. The early 20th century marked a period of profound transformation, and the fashion trends of the 1910s for women were no exception. This era saw a shift from the elaborate and restrictive styles of the Edwardian period to a more relaxed and practical approach to dressing. In this blog, we’ll take a journey back in time to explore the fascinating world of 1910 fashions for women.

The S-Shaped Silhouette

At the turn of the century, the fashionable silhouette for women was characterized by the “S-curve.” This silhouette was achieved through the use of corsets that accentuated the bust and hips while emphasizing a tiny waist. The hourglass figure was the ideal, and women went to great lengths to achieve it, sometimes at the expense of comfort and health.

Gibson Girl Style

The Gibson Girl, illustrated by Charles Dana Gibson, epitomized the ideal woman of the 1910s. She was independent, confident, and fashionable. Her style was practical yet elegant. Women began to opt for looser-fitting clothing, moving away from the constricting corsets and crinolines of the previous decades. This marked the beginning of a more liberated and modern approach to women’s fashion.

Skirts and Bodices

Dresses in the 1910s typically featured high necklines and long, flowing skirts that reached the ankle. These gowns often featured elaborate lace, embroidery, and ruffled details. Bodices were well-fitted, featuring puffed sleeves and an overall tailored look. Fabrics were chosen for their richness, and evening gowns were adorned with intricate beadwork and sequins.

Hair and Accessories

Hairstyles in the 1910s were still quite elaborate, with women favoring large, upswept hairdos. Picture large, intricately coiled buns adorned with feathers, ribbons, and even the occasional tiara. Wide-brimmed hats were also popular, often featuring extravagant decorations and embellishments.

Gloves, parasols, and fans were essential accessories for women during this time. Long, elegant gloves were typically worn to complete a lady’s ensemble. Parasols were both fashionable and functional, protecting women from the sun while adding a stylish touch. Fans were not only a practical way to stay cool but also a means of non-verbal communication, with different fan movements conveying various messages.

Suffrage Style

The 1910s were a time of change for women, both in fashion and society. Women’s suffrage movements were gaining momentum, and this had an impact on the way women dressed. As women began to advocate for their rights, many of them opted for more practical clothing that allowed them greater freedom of movement. This transition can be seen as a symbolic shift away from restrictive corsets and floor-length skirts.

The fashion of the 1910s for women tells a captivating story of transition and transformation. As women’s roles in society evolved, so too did their fashion choices. The S-shaped silhouette of the early 1910s gradually gave way to looser, more comfortable clothing. Women began to embrace a more practical, modern style, reflecting the changing times. The 1910s was not only a time of fashion evolution but also a period of immense social change, setting the stage for the more liberating styles of the 1920s.

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